How to Download 'Donations by Pledge' Zoom App

August 6, 2021

Thank you for downloading Donations by Pledge and joining us in the #PledgeToDoGood!

See instructions on how to download the app below, along with some more frequently-asked questions.

Step 1: Download the latest version of Zoom here

Step 2: If you’re on a personal Zoom account (not company-related), make sure Zoom Apps are enabled in settings & install Donations by Pledge.

Go to -> My Account -> Settings -> Zoom Apps

Click ‘Install’

This will...

Redirect you to the Zoom Marketplace page where you will have to accept the Authorization request.

By accepting the authorization request, you’ll give permission for Pledge to access information about you and the meeting details.

The permission page looks like this:

After the authorization step, you’ll be redirected to open the native Zoom application on your computer. You’re all set! You’ve successfully downloaded our Donations by Pledge app. Quit your Zoom desktop app & reopen it so it refreshes. You should see ‘Apps’ in your Zoom menu bar.

From the ‘Apps’ menu, select ‘Donations by Pledge’ to open the app.

The Donations by Pledge app will appear on the right side of your Zoom meeting.

Step 3: Enable downloading Zoom Apps if you’re on a company or nonprofit Zoom account. You can skip this step if you were able to complete step 2!

If you’re seeing the image below in your Zoom settings, you will need the owner of your Zoom account to allow for Zoom Apps to be installed. This is usually the case if you’re using a company or nonprofit Zoom account instead of your own personal Zoom account.

To check who the owner of your Zoom account is, go to Zoom preferences.

Select ‘General’, scroll to the bottom, & click ‘View More Settings’ underneath ‘Reaction Skin Tone’.

In the menu on the left-hand side, click on ‘Account Profile’. There, you should see the owner of your Zoom account under ‘Account Owner’.

Please ask your account owner to enable you to download the Donations by Pledge app.

Step 4: Enable virtual backgrounds so that your virtual background can change once you donate through the Donations by Pledge app!

Go to Preferences

Go to ‘Backgrounds & Filters’. There, you will be prompted to allow for virtual backgrounds. Click ‘Download’.

More FAQs

Why is my Virtual Background backward?

Go to in the top left-hand corner of your meeting & select ‘Preferences’.

Go to ‘Video’

Unclick ‘Mirror my video’

How can I stop viewing the Donations by Pledge app in my Zoom?

At the very top of the app, you will see three, small dots for ‘More’.

Click ‘Close’.

What if my meeting attendees don’t want to install the app? Can they still donate?

Yes! They can text in to donate using the keyword you provided when setting up your fundraiser. In the example below, the keyword is TREES.

However, they won’t receive the virtual background reward for donating in Zoom.

We are so excited to support your fundraising efforts in this brand new and exciting way with our new 'Donations by Pledge' App. For more FAQs, please visit here. For help, you can reach our support team by creating a ticket here.