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Learn how to maximize your fundraising and increase engagement using the Pledge suite of solutions

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Overview of Pledge

See how Pledge can help increase your fundraising efforts up to 5x with our seamless & innovative free fundraising products.

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How to Update Your Donation Notifications [NEW]

Learn how to modify your notification preferences for donations & select how often you want to receive an impact summary as a fundraiser organizer.

Category: Fundraiser Creation

How to Enable Matching [NEW]

Enable matching for your campaign to allow donations to be matched based on length of time or up to a certain amount.

Category: Fundraiser Creation

How to Share Your Fundraiser [NEW]

Learn how to share your fundraiser to receive up to 4x more donations!

Category: Fundraiser Creation

How to Share Fundraiser Updates [NEW]

How you can easily add updates to your fundraiser and notify your donor community.

Category: Fundraiser Creation

How to Select Your Nonprofit for Your Fundraiser

Selecting your nonprofit is a crucial step to setting up your fundraiser campaign. Here are a few ways you can find one you’re looking for.

Category: Fundraiser Creation

Choose How to Display Your Online Fundraiser

See how your donors would be able to donate through either a donation form or fundraising page, while being able to decide which applies best for your needs

Category: Fundraiser Creation

Donation Forms

Learn how to utilize Pledge’s donation forms. Mobile-optimized and easy to set up, simple donation forms to embed on your website or anywhere else.

Category: Fundraiser Creation

Customize Your Donation Form

There are many ways and reasons to customize your donation form to fit your needs! From color, to donation amounts, to adding tribute donations.

Category: Fundraiser Creation

How to Create a Fundraiser Page

Find out how you can set up a dedicated fundraiser page that is both mobile-optimized and customizable.

Category: Fundraiser Creation

How to Write a Compelling Fundraiser Description

Telling a story in the description section of your fundraiser page is the most important way to connect with your donors and generate more donations.

Category: Fundraiser Creation

Add an Image or Video to Your Fundraiser Page

By customizing your fundraiser page through images, videos and more, you are allowing your audience to better understand the importance and why you are raising money.

Category: Fundraiser Creation

Select a Fundraiser Goal

Setting a goal for your fundraiser can increase donations and help motivate others to donate. Here we provided helpful pointers to help you make a fundraising goal that makes the most sense for you and your fundraiser.

Category: Fundraiser Creation

How to Add Text-to-Donate to Your Campaign

Enable mobile-first technology with a free text-to-donate keyword and Apple Pay. It only takes two clicks to donate!

Category: Fundraiser Creation

How to Setup a Crypto Fundraiser

Here we will walk you through how to create a crypto fundraiser or donation form directly through Pledge!

Category: Fundraiser Creation

How to Add Offline Donations

Recognize donors, grants, and corporate sponsors who donated outside the Pledge platform via Offline Donations any of your fundraisers.

Category: Zoom

How to Download Donations through the Pledge Zoom App

Thank you for downloading Donations by Pledge and joining us in the #PledgeToDoGood! See instructions on how to download the app below, along with some more frequently-asked questions.

Category: Zoom

How to Use the "Donations by Pledge" Zoom App

See how you can fundraise on any Zoom Meeting or Webinar through our "Donations by Pledge" Zoom App.

Category: Zoom Events

Set Up Your Virtual Donation Overlay for Zoom Events

Add a virtual donation overlay to your Zoom Event through Pledge!

Access Instructions

Category: Zoom Events

Set Up Matching in Zoom Events

Maximize donations during your next Zoom Event by matching donations made by your donors. In fact, 1 in 3 donors indicate they’d give a larger gift if a match is added and it is easy to configure within the Pledge Impact Hub.

Category: Zoom Events

Enhance Your Zoom Events Fundraiser in 2 Simple Steps

Our integration with Zoom Events allows you to seamlessly integrate donations. This integration provides you the ability to raise nearly 5x more versus traditional methods, here a few additional ways you can level up your fundraising experience through Pledge.

Category: Impact Hub

Update Your Nonprofit Public Profile

Update your public nonprofit profile to generate more donations and gain visibility to potential supporters!

Category: Virtual Event

How to Use PledgeCam

Find out how to download and use Pledge’s real-time donation tracking overlay for your next virtual or hybrid fundraising event.

Download PledgeCam

Category: Virtual Event

PledgeCam Best Practices

Find out how to increase your donations up to 5x by adding a real-time donation tracking overlay to your next virtual or hybrid fundraising event with PledgeCam!

Category: Case Studies

Case Study: CCF's Wildlife Recovery Fund

See how California Community Foundation’s Wildlife Recovery Fund provides an ongoing stream of resources to those affected by California wildfires.

Category: Case Studies

Case Study: Impact Through the Give & Grow App

See how your favorite Shopify brands are making a difference through Pledge’s award-winning Shopify app Give & Grow.

Category: Case Studies

Case Study: Clubhouse’s Largest Fundraiser to Benefit TX

See how Pledge powered Clubhouse’s largest fundraiser to-date to provide essential needs to those affected by the 2021 Winter Storm in Texas that affected thousands.

Learn more about the Clubhouse Fundraising Campaign!

Category: Case Studies

Case Study: Afghan Airlift Fundraiser

See how Pledge was able to help provide critical, life-saving fundraising solutions for 2k+ high-risk individuals to be rescued during the Afghanistan crisis in August 2021.

Category: Give and Grow for Shopify

Step-by-Step Guide to Get Give and Grow Set Up

You’ve made the first step to growing your online store and community through Give and Grow, so what’s next?! The following is a step by step guide to setting up Give and Grow in your online store.

Category: Give and Grow for Shopify

Frequently Asked Questions About Give and Grow

Here are the answers to your most frequently asked questions about our Give & Grow App.

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