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Category: About Pledge

Overview of Pledge

See how Pledge can help increase your fundraising efforts up to 5x with our seamless & innovative free fundraising products.

Category: Donation Forms

Donation Forms

Learn how to utilize Pledge’s donation forms. Mobile-optimized and easy to set up, simple donation forms to embed on your website or anywhere else.

Category: Donation Forms

Online Fundraising

See how your donors would be able to donate through either a donation form or fundraising page, while being able to decide which applies best for your needs

Category: Virtual Event

PledgeCam Best Practices

Find out how to increase your donations up to 5x by adding a real-time donation tracking overlay to your next virtual or hybrid fundraising event with PledgeCam!

Category: Virtual Event

How to Use PledgeCam

Find out how to download and use Pledge’s real-time donation tracking overlay for your next virtual or hybrid fundraising event.

Category: Zoom

Donations by Pledge Zoom App Demo

Add a donate button to your next Zoom meeting in less than 2 minutes using our new app built for Zoom.

Category: Text-to-Donate


Enable mobile-first technology with a free text-to-donate keyword and Apple Pay It only takes two clicks to donate!

Category: Impact Hub

How to Add Offline Donations

Recognize donors, grants, and corporate sponsors who donated outside the Pledge platform via Offline Donations any of your fundraisers.

Category: Fundraiser Pages

Fundraiser Page

Find out how you can set up a dedicated fundraiser page that is both mobile-optimized and customizable.

Category: Impact Hub

Donor Information, Fund Distribution, and Impact Hub

Learn more about how you can continue communication with donors after your fundraising event, ACH & check disbursement and other features of the Impact Hub.

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