Add an Image or Video to Your Fundraiser Page

Did you know you can customize your fundraiser page by adding multiple images and videos? Not only will this further help allow your donors to understand your fundraiser, but is a key piece to telling the story of why you are raising money. 


To do so, select the “Build fundraiser page” button when creating your fundraiser. 

From here, you can add multiple pieces of content by creating a carousel on the fundraiser page, including a monetary goal, images, videos, and a title/description for your fundraiser. 



When adding images, select “Add image” to upload and crop any available photos you may have, which is accessible to your Desktop, Google Drive, Instagram, and more.



Once you have all your content uploaded, you can reorganize the order of the content in the carousel by selecting the button in the upper left hand corner and dragging the desired photo or video in the order you’d like. You can also remove images/videos by selecting the red “Trash Can” button. 


PRO TIP: You can also use free online design services like Canva to give your lead image or text-to-donate CTA a special call out. The dimensions for the image are 1280 by 720 pixels.  


To include any public facing YouTube video, you can select the “Add YouTube video” button, drop the link in and press “add” to add it into your fundraiser page. 



You can even host your entire event through a fundraiser page! All you need to do is embed a YouTube live stream into your fundraiser page above so viewers can watch the content & donate directly from the fundraiser, all in one place.

More questions? Head to our Support Center or email us at so one of our support team members can help you.

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