Trust & Safety

Pledge Trust & Safety
Powering generosity while protecting your funds

We take your pledge to support meaningful causes very seriously

We take extensive precautions to ensure that your funds can only go to the nonprofits they are intended to support. Doing good should never come at the risk of your financial integrity, and we value being a trusted partner in your efforts to create a more vibrant future.

Why Pledge

Built for Impact

Built for Impact

Our platform is built from the ground up to process & deliver customer-directed donations, and is 100% managed by

Pledgeling Foundation

Pledgeling Foundation

We have a 501(c)(3) donor-advised fund, which enables a safe & compliant way to donate to all valid US 501(c)(3) public

Verified Nonprofits Only

Verified Nonprofits Only

By design, Pledge donation beneficiaries can only be verified 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations in good standing with the

Governance & Compliance

Governance & Compliance

Pledgeling Foundation is registered as a charity in the states where such registration is required, as well as being

90% Retention

90% Retention

Our clients always tell us that "we're not just a vendor, or a platform" - we're truly a "partner" that helps them

Pledge's mission is to power generosity through the industry's leading charitable donation platform.

First Public API in Industry
Anonymized Data / Limited PII Storage
Vertically Integrated Disbursements
Data Encryption in Transit & at Rest
Transparent & Real-time Reporting
Maintained by a Trust & Safety Team

Our Trust & Safety Guarantee

Donation Security

Donations to nonprofits are processed via Pledgeling Foundation, a 501(c)(3) donor-advised fund, and regranted on a monthly basis directly to each nonprofit recipient that is in good standing with the IRS. We ensure that any data regarding donors, payments, or private information necessary for making or processing donations is protected by industry-standard SSL technology. Data is encrypted both in transit and at rest.

Crowdfunding donations for other types of recipients follow an anti-fraud process with “red flag” and “yellow flag” procedures whereby we first prohibit certain types of fundraisers that are clearly scams or illegal, or reserve the right to cancel a suspicious crowdfund.

Fraud Review

We review personal fundraisers for potential fraudulent activity or other indications that the funds will not be used as represented. Our Acceptable Use Policy states the details and restrictions for user services and we reserve the right to suspend users for violation or take legal action when necessary.

Disbursement Process

Donations through our various fundraisers and partnership integrations are totaled up at the end of each month and disbursed either electronically or via paper check to the intended organization based on their public charity records. Nonprofits have the option to request to receive their funds sooner in their dedicated dashboards.

Tax Documentation

Donations are processed through a 501(c)(3) donor-advised fund, Pledgeling Foundation, which issues an instant tax receipt to the donor via email. This ensures that donor expectations and needs are addressed immediately and Pledge follows all requirements for tax-related compliance.

Nonprofit Confirmation

Donors can personally validate that their donations have been received by the nonprofit of their choice by directly contacting the nonprofit and asking whether funds were received from Pledgeling Foundation. Per our disbursement processes, nonprofits typically receive donations around the 10th of every month for any donations made in the month prior, and they can also log into our online portal to see donations and payout information anytime. More details here.

Database Management

Pledge continually updates our database of organizations. We check eligibility via several ways, including receiving periodic uploads from the IRS database, supplementing that with other data sources, and our own support team’s review and enrichment of the records. We are continually adding, deleting and optimizing our database of nonprofits based on IRS data, Guidestar, and third party data feeds. If the IRS revokes an organization's exempt status, we flag it as unavailable to receive new donations (we retain it in the database because revocations can be reversed).

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