Zoom Invests in Pledge! 🎉

September 2, 2021

Pledge is excited to announce that Zoom has invested in Pledge!

Launched in April 2021, the Zoom Apps Fund is a $100 million global venture fund to stimulate the growth of our ecosystem of Zoom Apps, integrations, developer platforms, and hardware. This funding is being dedicated to innovative companies that are inspired to build the next big thing in the Zoom Video Communications, Inc. ecosystem of apps and integrations.

This comes after we recently introduced a Donate button for Zoom through our ‘Donations by Pledge’ app, allowing any Zoom meeting to be instantly turned into a fundraiser. With over 2+ million nonprofit organizations to fundraise for, the opportunities to make a difference are not only transformative for many nonprofits but provide a truly global reach and impact. In the wake of a societal shift around individual giving and activism, combined with the need more than ever for nonprofits to find new ways to donate, we were proud to create something in collaboration with Zoom that also is accessible by millions of people every day from around the world with just a click of a button.

Since the launch of our Donations by Pledge app, we’ve had thousands of nonprofits, schools, religious organizations, mission-driven users, and companies from around the world set up fundraisers in Zoom Meetings. Some of the diverse and inspiring nonprofits from around the world using Pledge’s Donate button include:

  • Environmental nonprofits including OneTree Planted (which raised $1,000 in 3 minutes!)
  • Medical and Cancer support nonprofits, including Living Beauty
  • Educational organizations, including Chicago Chess Observatory
  • Organizations fighting fashion waste, including ThreadTogether in Australia
  • Arts organizations, including Unbound Visual Arts
  • Human rights organizations, including SilencedTurkey

We believe that this investment by Zoom will not only further accelerate Pledge’s market leadership in livestream fundraising, but also our ability to turn every Zoom meeting into a fundraiser and unlock billions of dollars in funding for causes around the world.

Learn more about our ‘Donations by Pledge’ app and start fundraising today!