How These New Features in Zoom Can Take Your Fundraising to the Next Level

September 20, 2021

This week, Zoom held its annual Zoomtopia users' conference, which was hosted virtually for people to join from around the world. For the second year in a row, Zoom CEO Eric Yuan kicked off this global event with an inspiring keynote that featured Pledge! Check out the full clip below:

We were also proud to see one of our nonprofit partners, the Boris Lawrence Henson Foundation featured for their “Write to Education” event this past summer, which raised over $500,000 through Pledge and Zoom Cares. For more information on Zoom Cares and their impact work with Pledge and beyond, visit here.

Throughout the two-day conference, Zoom announced exciting new updates and solutions to make the most out of not only your Zoom Meetings, but your virtual fundraisers, too!

Here’s a few to kickstart your fundraising on Zoom:

  • Expanded Transcription and Translation - Your fundraisers on Zoom have the potential to reach donor audiences worldwide, and now Zoom’s new language tools will help them to be even more successful. With Zoom’s added transcription of 30 more languages and live translations of 12 languages, you now have the ability to interact and engage with your global audience on an even more impactful level.
  • In-meeting Chat Emojis - When words can’t say enough, emojis provide us with a brand new way of expressing ourselves. Similar to apps like Slack, you’ll now be able to “react” to in-meeting chat messages with emojis, creating new ways to engage with your fundraising audience and build a community during your virtual fundraising event.
  • Zoom Whiteboarding - One in-person meeting feature that has been troublesome to replicate is being able to brainstorm and ideate through a simple whiteboard. That is no longer an issue with Zoom’s newest feature, which allows you to interact on a virtual whiteboard just as you would in-person. This also provides a new opportunity for not only virtual meetings to plan your fundraisers, but to utilize and further engage with your donors during virtual fundraisers through Zoom.
  • Conference through Zoom Events - Zoom Events will offer even more features with the launch of the new event type, Conference. When you build a Conference in Zoom Events, you’ll be able to host multi-day events with additional features, including branded emails, surveys, recordings, analytics, and more. Conference will also enable you to fundraise utilizing Pledge’s donate button which allows businesses to host major events while also giving back to the community, just in time for the end-of-year giving season.
  • Platform-wide Availability of Zoom Apps - Speaking of accessibility, we’re excited to let you know that all Zoom apps, including Pledge’s Donate button, will soon be available through the platform, including webinars, Zoom’s mobile app, and Room for Touch devices. This will allow you to be able to fundraise wherever you Zoom, even on the go!
And don’t forget to add the Donate button to your next Zoom meeting and see the difference it can make for your next fundraiser!