Best Mobile Giving Solutions

July 21, 2021

While mobile giving may be a newer concept, there is certainly no shortage of solutions you can utilize as a nonprofit to raise money and scale your impact-making. Thankfully, we have all the information you need to know to choose the one that makes the most sense for your organization. To see a full breakdown with a side-by-side chart, head to the bottom of this page!

What’s the difference between text-to-give and text-to-donate?

Text-to-donate is a form-based mobile fundraising method that is initiated through a text message either from the organization or the supporter. Supporters are then sent a link to the mobile giving form. The gift is successful when supporters finish entering their information.

Text-to-give is a carrier-based mobile fundraising method that allows supporters to give via text message. Supporters text a keyword to the shortcode and the donation amount is added to the supporters’ phone bill.

1. Pledge

Pledge offer’s free fundraising solutions that allow you to scale your virtual giving, from fully customizable fundraising pages to text-to-donate mobile giving. Pledge offers a complete solution to all your fundraising needs, while also operating on a tip-model structure, so no fees are incurred outside of standard credit card fees. There is also no contract required, which allows organizations the flexibility to see what works for them and how they can best integrate Pledge into their technology solutions.

2. OneCause

OneCause is committed to helping organizations amplify their message and raise more funds with easy-to-use fundraising solutions. Offering a full suite of services from online giving to event management, they work with organizations of all sizes to hit and exceed their fundraising goals. Currently, they offer varying priced products, which increase in cost based on the amount of support needed. The standard text-to-give program begins at $495. For more information on their pricing structure, click here.

3. Mobile Cause

Mobile Cause is a comprehensive fundraising software that provides strategic help from experts within the nonprofit community to help guide their customers with customer support available 24/7. Offering tools within one easy-to-use solution, from text-to-donate to mobile messaging and online giving, you are guided by their team to create the maximum impact possible. And while they do not have add-on fees, you do have to pay in order to utilize their services, which varies by plan level.



Mobile Cause

Product Features

Free products including free text-to-donate keywords, free fundraiser pages, embeddable donation forms, donor data, and virtual donation overlays.

Event ticketing, mobile bidding, peer-to-peer, social embedding, and mobile giving programs.

Event support and ticketing, virtual fundraising pages, text-to-donate, peer-to-peer campaigns, and reporting.


Zero platform fees

Only standard credit card fees apply of 2.9% + $0.30 and add’t $5 check cutting fee applied to aggregate donations

Standard Text2Give is $495 for 1 Keyword and Scoreboard

Add’t Plans based on Support Needed

Pricing varies by plan level - $499 MRC for the Pro Plan with a free trial available

4.4% + $0.30

Contract Required


Sign up for free here.



Payments Accepted

Accepts Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Credit Card payments

Utilizes “SmartPay”

Credit/Debit, PayPal and Apple Pay

To learn more and explore Pledge’s mobile giving and other fundraising solutions, click here or email our Impact Partnerships team at today.