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Seamlessly accept or make donations in all cryptocurrencies, instantly converted to cash.

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of crypto users donate at least $1,000 to charity each year.

$12,600 USD
is the average crypto donation made during Giving Tuesday in 2021.

growth in the amount of crypto donations compared to 2021.

Designed to Help Nonprofits Make the Biggest Possible Impact


Increase Your Fundraising

Diversify your donations by accepting all major cryptocurrencies.


Customize Your Experience

Choose between a fundraiser page or donation form you can add to your website.


Convert to Cash

Conversion is automated so you don’t have to worry about risks or complicated paperwork — you’ll get all the donations in regular currency.


Keep It Simple

No Tech Experience Required. Set up in less than 5 minutes so you can focus on your mission.


Join a Trusted Network

Donations are processed using industry-leading security through our partnership with Coinbase.

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Start Accepting Crypto in Minutes

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Step 1

Start your fundraiser and select “Crypto” as a payment method.

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Step 2

Customize your fundraiser page or create a donation form to add to your website.

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Step 3

Share with your donors and community!

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Why PledgeCrypto


Pledge handles IRS compliance, making it simple to donate and accept crypto. Donating crypto is also incentivized in tax savings. (Learn more)

Carbon Offset Projects

Every crypto donation through Pledge will support verified carbon offset projects via the United Nations Climate Neutral Now Initiative. (Learn more)

130+ Cryptos Accepted

We accept 130+ different cryptocurrencies, which is an average of 3X more than any other platform. This gives donors more options for generosity.

Got Crypto and Want to Support a Cause You Care About?

You can search our database to donate now, or go a step further by creating a crypto fundraiser to #PledgeCrypto wherever you choose to connect.

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Get Our Crypto 101 Guide to Learn the Basics!

Get our simple guide to learn:

  • What cryptocurrency is
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  • Steps for getting started
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Your Guide to Crypto Donations Understanding Crypto for Nonprofits

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Cryptocurrency, “crypto” in short, is a digital form of currency. It enables secure online payments and can be used as a means of donating to nonprofit organizations. In addition, crypto can be easily traded across countries making essential services more accessible for nonprofits globally.

  • Blockchain is the technology that cryptocurrencies run on. Blockchains are online record-keeping systems that store and encrypt connected blocks of information. Blockchains consist of blocks, which store information, and chains, which connect all that information together. All the information is linked and transparent, so no one person or system can manipulate the data.

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  • Cryptocurrency is used by more than 300 million people worldwide. By accepting cryptocurrency, nonprofits can diversify their revenue streams while cultivating a relationship with a fast-growing pool of prospective donors.

  • A donor will send their gift to the nonprofit of their choice via Pledge and it will be immediately converted to USD, with a tax receipt sent to the donor by the Pledgeling Foundation. Then, we’ll disburse the donations to your organization via ACH or paper check through our standard process. Learn more about disbursements.

  • Yes, there are significant tax benefits to donors who have appreciated cryptocurrency. Just like a donation of appreciated stock, donors can avoid future capital gains tax by donating the crypto, without converting it to cash first. This means the same donor may be able to donate more! That's in addition to the usual tax deduction for donors who itemize their deductions.

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  • Cryptocurrency donations are fast, secure, transparent, and may be more cost effective than other methods. It also gets more money directly in the hands of the nonprofits you care about most, while also providing additional tax benefits to donors.

  • Pledgeling Foundation receives your cryptocurrency gift and immediately converts it to US dollars before disbursing to the nonprofit of your choice. We will then send you a tax receipt for your donation.

  • You can donate to any of the over 2 million nonprofits in our database, including every 501(c)(3) public charity in good standing with the IRS. If you don’t have a specific nonprofit in mind, head to our Search Nonprofits page to find our full list of nonprofits organized by causes.

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