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Add donations to your online retail experience.

Inspire your customers to easily make an impact through your business. In less than 5 minutes, your business can support a cause or multiple causes of your choice. Immediately visualize and share impact as purchases are made. Watch your business grow through giving.

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Give & Grow

Shopify Plugin

Activate charitable giving on Shopify.

Pledge’s award-winning “Give & Grow” app on Shopify makes it quick and easy for your business to start giving back. Simply choose your cause or fund, pick a style, and select your donation type. It’s that simple!

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  • Power of Choice:
    You can choose to support one cause or many — the choice is yours. Support the same nonprofit throughout the year or change it anytime!

  • Real-Time Impact:
    Add an Impact Calculator to your checkout to share the real-time impact of donations.

  • Disbursements:
    We handle all of the back-end work that comes with charitable giving, including donation disbursements and receipts. The legal and financial challenges of working with nonprofits are taken off your plate, so you can focus on growing your business.

Round-up at Checkout

Inspire customers to round up and donate at checkout.

It’s easier than ever to enable your customers to support nonprofits. Your customers can round up at checkout or directly donate to a cause. Take it a step further and commit to donating a percentage of proceeds. Pledge provides an embed for e-commerce retailers to insert a mobile-optimized widget on any web page. Start accepting donations to your nonprofit or cause of choice in just 5 minutes with no disruption to your user experience.

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  • Cause Marketing:
    Specify which product sales to give back to nonprofits through cause marketing campaigns.

  • Round-up:
    Give customers the choice to round-up their purchase so that the spare change will go to communities that need it most.

  • ROI:
    Measure the ROI of impact through a dashboard of stats that include: Lifetime Value, Average Order Value, Repurchase Rates, and more.

Pledge API

E-commerce DIY

Build your own giving experience using additional tools

Not on Shopify? The Pledge API allows you to seamlessly integrate charitable giving into your existing e-commerce platform.

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Partner Spotlight

See how companies like ZOX are redefining impact measurement.

About the Campaign


ZOX is an e-commerce store operating on Shopify. They sell unique wristbands and clothing, and are committed to providing one year of clean water to someone in need with every order. Through Pledge’s ‘Give & Grow’ Shopify app, they partnered with Thirst Project to achieve their pledge. Thirst Project is a nonprofit organization that has provided access to clean water for over 400,000 people in 13 countries.

Together, we have raised $839,977 to date to fund the building of water wells in Swaziland.

ZOX and Thirst Project

“Give & Grow has helped us manage giving back in a way that’s easy and transparent. It's great to have a 3rd party that people can trust to report our donations accurately and fairly.”

Brandon Kuipers, CEO, ZOX
Brandon Kuipers

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