Case Studies Show Give and Grow is Much More Than Just a Shopify Add-on

Give and Grow has proven its effectiveness with female customers in fashion online stores. These stores in conjunction with the Give and Grow add-on see an average transaction size 29% higher than before. And if that wasn’t enough, the average cart size is 50% greater. Socially conscious brands create connections with customers, making them more likely to spend more money at your store.

With menswear brands, there is a different increase. While the average cart size only goes up 25% in comparison to female’s 50%, the difference is in the number of items purchased. Menswear brands increase the number of items bought from 3 to 4.
And lastly, with top CPG food brands Give and Grow boosts the average spend on the online store. With a 21% increase in the average spent and an increase in the number of items bought, Give and Grow can help your online store grow organically!
If you’d like to learn more about Give and Grow, head to our website. And if you’d like to see how Pledge can help you with your business or nonprofit’s giving program, reach out to our Impact Partnerships team at today.

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